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Valence is a digital transformation service provider helping companies worldwide harness modern technology platforms.

Transformation and Innovation. Delivered.

All businesses are now software businesses. Our knowledgeable engineers can help you keep up with the pace of change.

Strategic Consulting. Results-Driven.

We take time to understand your business. Our consulting division can help you integrate technology to deliver results.

Next-generation Marketing. Technology-Powered.

Our marketing team helps you step into the future of augmented reality, beacons, robotics, and more.

Learn by Doing.

Let our expert trainers educate your team to innovate and use advanced technology platforms.

Our Expertise

Valence builds innovative software solutions that enable global enterprise transformation using leading-edge platforms and technologies.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The rise of scalable AI and computer vision platforms offers enterprises unprecedented access to affordable processing power for natural language understanding, image and object recognition, and much more.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

New augmented and virtual reality platforms are providing entirely new ways to experience, explore and visualize enterprise data and business processes.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are transforming the way the world thinks about data security and integrity across virtually all industries – from finance to energy distribution to healthcare.

IoT & Connected Everything

New sensors, cloud services and data analytics platforms are ushering in a world of “connected everything” which will create value for individuals and businesses alike.

Robotics & Automation

The workforce of the future will incorporate robots working side-by-side with humans, optimizing for the best qualities of each: speed plus precision for robots, creativity plus flexibility for humans.

Voice & Chat Experiences

Breakthroughs in voice and text processing combined with modern cloud platform services are driving the transformation of human interactions in the digital environment.

Our Services

We can help your enterprise achieve measurable business results through the smart application of new technology.
Our expertise derives from an extensive consulting background plus broad capabilities in integrated and emerging digital innovation.


Consulting and project leadership that enables your team to produce smarter, faster, better results.
Team-Driven Results


Digital transformation and innovation expertise to integrate modern technologies and services.
Build Solutions Faster


Digital marketing and creative services that grow your business without the hype.
Modern Marketing


Training and innovation experiences that bring new technologies directly to companies.
Doing is Learning

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Valence Group Inc. (Bellevue)

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